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Part ofThe Forest
  • Scorched
  • Technical
  • Workshop settlement
  • Workshop settlement
  • The Forest location
  • Fast travel destination
  • Large loot scale
  • General theme
  • Clearable
  • Nuke target

    Sutton is a location in Fallout 76.


    A small town in Braxton Country, West Virginia, Sutton was first settled in 1792, however, it did not formally come into being until 1835, when Suttonville was laid out, taking after John Sutton's settlement 26 years prior at the confluence of Granny's Creek and the Elk River. From its earliest years, Sutton was a transportation hub, connecting trade and transportation routes in Virginia, with infrastructure steadily expanding until the American Civil War brought a Union garrison. The town's downtown burned to the ground after Confederate soldiers put it to the torch on December 29, 1861. Although it slowly rebuilt, it did not experience a major rebuilt until the local timber industry expanded. It remained a small-time town after the boom petered out, lasting well into the 21st century. The lack of development and remote location allowed Sutton to weather the destruction remarkably well.[1]

    In the years that followed, Sutton was claimed as a stronghold by the Pleasant Valley raiders, who fortified the downtown, establishing a major stronghold using existing buildings and makeshift fortifications as basis. By 2102, however, the city is a ghost town, with the raiders wiped out by the horrors of Appalachia.

    Points of interest

    • Sutton is a small town laid out along the state route heading north and south. At the southern end, outside the town limits, sits the Sutton Station with a raider vendor bot.
    • The southern end of the town contains a mechanic's shed with a dismantled plane and a neogothic church. Step through the door to find a congregation that committed suicide by drinking rat poison under the guidance of a murderous con-man. Check the back for Leader's Journal and pastor's vestments.
    • The downtown is blocked off by a raider wall that encloses several of the storefronts. Inside the downtown, accessible through the adjacent buildings, are numerous loot spawn points, a weapons and an armor crafting station, a steamer trunk, and a bobblehead and a magazine spawn point in the liquor and clothes store respectively.
    • To the northwest lies the Red Rocket gas station with the player's stash.
    • To the northeast is a blue two story house, which belonged to the Vault 76 overseer's parents. It's packed with loot, a magazine and a bobblehead spawn point, as well as a locked safe and a tinker's bench. The metal trailer to the north contains a metal trailer with a chemistry station and another locked safe.

    Notable loot

    Holotapes and Notes
    • Shopping List: The note is on the red chair to the left of the trailer home, next to the horseshoe game pins, at the northern end of town.
    • Overseer's Journal, Entry 2: The holotape is located in the second story of the blue-painted house.
    • Clara's Note to Mom: Inside the red dog house in the backyard of the red house, north from the Red Rocket station.
    • Leader's Journal: The note is located inside the church, at the back near the podium.
    • List of Parts: The note is on top of a cabinet at the back of the small garage with the blue airplane parts.
    • Body Shop Note: The note is on top of a yellow barrel inside the garage, to the right of the white house next to the Red Rocket station.
    • End of the World Party Flier: The note can be found on the porch of the house at the southern end of town.
    Potential bobbleheads
    • On the roof of the Liquor Store, hidden behind (and at the foot of) two barrels with tongs and an enamel bucket on them; access the exterior via other rooftops, not the inside of the Liquor Store.
    • In the rectangular wicker basket atop the white locker, in front of the green "You've got Vim!" poster, in the Tinkerer's cellar, inside The Overseer’s Childhood Home on the north side of town (interior).
    Potential magazines
    • Wedged halfway under the baseboard between the sink and toilet, in the restroom with the fallen door, in the junk-filled Tinkerer's basement (opposite the Tinker’s Workbench), inside The Overseer’s Childhood Home, north side of town (interior).
    • Vertical, between the three cardboard boxes and plunger, on the ornate console, under the faded blue-and-white-striped tent tarp, on the roof due north of the church, on top of the Pharmacy building, with tree-trunk access from the railroad tracks to the east (exterior).
    Other Loot
    • Pastor's vestments: In the church, in the back, together with a pair of patrolman's glasses.
    Dynamic spawns


    Sutton appears in Fallout 76.


    1. Real-life history.