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Surveillance System Tape - 8/08/77
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Surveillance System Tape - 8/08/77 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Welch: On floor of middle destroyed house on eastern side of town.



Agent Danger: Agent Danger, reporting, ma'am!
Duchess: Oh, it's Agent Danger today?
Agent Danger: Yes, ma'am. Agent Tornado's retired. Too much collateral damage during missions.
Duchess: Is that so?
Agent Danger: Yes. Momma said we can't play Agent Tornado anymore. Didn't say anything about Agent Danger.
Duchess: Well, aren't you a sharp cookie.
Agent Danger: That doesn't sound like a particularly good cookie, ma'am.
Duchess: Hmmm. I suppose it doesn't. Now, to what do I owe the distinct pleasure?
Agent Danger: Momma said, go ask Ms. Duchess if she can cop us a two extra tabs of Buffout. Gerald can't work without it and she knows we're good for it.
Duchess: Momma sent you to do her begging.
Agent Danger: Yes, ma'am.
Duchess: Because she knows you're my one weakness in this world.
Agent Danger: Uh, I think so, ma'am.
Duchess: Agent Danger, would you be willing to take a mission for me? I need three of the coldest, iciest Nuka-Colas they've got down at Wabash's. If I gave you some money, would you be willing to go get them for me? One of 'em's got your name on it.
Agent Danger: Agent Danger can do that!
Duchess: That's my girl. Go quick and you can have Butch's too! Butch.
Butch: Yes, ma'am?
Duchess: Go pay Betty a visit. Let her know this is the last credit she's ever getting. I'll keep Agent Danger occupied while you make your point crystal clear.
Butch: Yes, ma'am.

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