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For an overview of stimpaks throughout the Fallout series, see Stimpak.
Super stimpak
Chem SuperStim.png
+75 Hit Points
After 1 Minute:
-3 Hit Points
After 2 Minutes:
-6 Hit Points
Weight1Value$ 225
Related perks
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

Super stimpak is a more advanced version of the regular stimpak.


The advanced version of the stimpak boasts stronger healing drugs, delivered both via the syringe and a tributary ampule, both connected to a leather strap allowing to securely affix the contraption to the injection area. The analogue gauge displaying information is on top of the ampule. The powerful nature of the drugs used means that the delayed shock deals a minor amount of damage to the user after some time.[1] It is a fairly rare item in the wasteland, usually only manufactured by high tech settlements like Vault City.


In game terms, the super stimpak will immediately heal 75 hit points, but cause a loss of 9 hit points after two minutes.



Use for assassination

The damage mechanic also applies to non-player characters. As such, it can be used to kill any non-player character if you have enough. Simply use them on the victim one after one and watch them keel over after two minutes. Awareness greatly helps determine the number of super stims you have to use (divide the current HP by nine, rounding up).

Roger Westin in the NCR, together with Big Jesus Mordino, and Louis Salvatore in New Reno are scripted to die a violent death if a super stimpak is used on them.


Quest rewards
  • Gecko: After fixing the plant, the player needs to ask Harold what he does and tell him of their ancestor. He'll give them 3 Super Stimpaks and 5 Stimpaks. The player can only access this thread once, so following it to the end is essential. Note that in unpatched games, talking to Lenny and asking about the GECK will render this dialogue option inaccessible, as Lenny's dialogue erroneously uses the same variable.
  • Vault 8: If the player got the clue from the Magic 8-Ball the computer nearest to the entrance can be used to gain 2 Stimpaks and 1 Super Stimpak.
Non-player characters
  • John Bishop: Two Super Stimpaks should appear in Bishop's inventory after delivering Thomas Moore's briefcase.
  • Myron: He will spawn several items in his inventory the first time the player recruits, attacks, or intimidates him: 3 Super Stimpaks, 3 Stimpaks, 2 Jet, and 1 Red Condom. T


  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.124: "Super Stimpak: Same as the basic stimpak, but with more and stronger drugs. It boosts your character's Hit Points immediately. Too much is bad for you, however. Each injection causes a Hit Point loss after a short period of time, reflecting damage to the character's tissues and to his or her system."