Super-Duper Mart cave

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Super-Duper Mart cave
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Map MarkerCave (interior: Parking Garage)
FactionsSuper-Duper Mart (formerly)
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The Super-Duper Mart cave is a location in the Glowing Sea in the Commonwealth. The corresponding interior for this location is located to the northwest of the location.


The cave of rubble winds about before exiting in front of what used to be the Super-Duper Mart parking structure. A doorway on the northwest stairwell of the structure leads inside the second floor contains some derelict vehicles and feral ghouls. There is also a cooking station in front of a Master-locked security gate on this level. An elevator on top of the structure leads down into the lowest level of the flooded structure, which is now home of a deathclaw.

Notable loot


The Super-Duper Mart cave appears only in Fallout 4.