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Super-Duper Mart
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Map MarkerSuper-Duper Mart
Part ofLexington
FactionsSuper-Duper Mart
Cell NameSuperDuperMartExt
SuperDuperMart01 (interior)
LexingtonExt (back entrance)
zLexingtonGarage (parking garage)
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000320a2 (interior)
0000debf (back entrance)
001ae39c (parking garage)
TerminalsSuper-Duper Mart terminals (Fallout 4)

This branch of Super-Duper Mart is a location in the Commonwealth.


Before the Great War the management of this supermarket fired one of their employees – Sally – for the temporary addition of their new espresso machine. This was due to the industrial mount not fitting within their employee kitchen, leaving only her desk. They casually fired her and announced the machines addition in the same employee memo. In another they indicate their employees to be patient for they are hiring contractors to expand their kitchen for the machine.

October 2287

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This particular super market has been invaded by a group of local feral ghouls, who will attack anyone that approaches their new home. A protectron is seen to still be functioning, and can be activated through a nearby terminal, in which the activated guard will begin to patrol the super market and fight with any nearby ghouls and other hostiles.

The shop is divided into two distinct halves - the store itself and the backroom areas. The store is a large open hall, filled with shelves that once carried wares for the American worker, now almost completely empty. They obstruct lines of sight and make kiting the ghouls difficult as they come. Right next to the entrance is a small staff area with a terminal that allows the player to release a Protectron, who will definitely help in managing the feral ghoul threat, at least providing a distraction.

In the corner opposite from the entrance is a small cafeteria with dormant ghouls and some healing supplies. Next to it is a Novice-locked drug store that contains the body of a Minuteman and a laser musket. Right next to it is the entrance to the backrooms, through Delicatessen. The same end of the store has a warehouse area with the body of Josh and his holotape, as well as a feral ghoul ambush.

The opposite end of the backrooms contains a small mess hall for the employees - now filled with more ghouls, as well as the administrative office, with a chemistry station and a locked safe. The passage down, located halfway through the building, also sits right next to a generator with a salvageable Fusion Core. The passage leads to the eastern loading dock and Emma's dead body.

Notable loot


  • The diner has the skeletons of a couple meeting someone at a booth. While skeletons of shoppers and staff litter their final positions.
  • There is a teddy bear "jailed" in the office. It's arms are bound with hand cuffs and it is located under a wastebasket weighed down with a desk chair.
  • There is a box of Sugar Bombs in the toilet bowl of the employee restroom, with a spoon on the seat.


Concept art


This particular Super-Duper Mart appears only in Fallout 4.