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For the pre-War company, see Super-Duper Mart (company).
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Super-Duper Mart
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Super-Duper Mart in the morning.
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Map MarkerSuper-Duper Mart
QuestsThe Wasteland Survival Guide
The Nuka-Cola Challenge
The Replicated Man
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SuperDuperMart (interior)
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TerminalsSuper-Duper Mart terminals
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Super-Duper Mart is a supermarket located near the Potomac River. It lies northeast of Megaton, and northwest of Grayditch. It is completely overrun by raiders both internally and externally.


One of the largest supermarkets in the metropolitan area, Super-Duper Mart aggressively advertised its services and offered one of the largest selections of goods in the resource-starved United States.



The exterior of the Super-Duper Mart is a large parking lot. Two Nuka-Cola vending machines are against the wall of the store beside the entrances, along with a group of raiders, who are usually engaged in combat with a random group of hostiles.

Bryan Wilks will usually appear near here. Talking to him will trigger the quest Those!. An eyebot will usually spawn in the parking lot and assist in fighting the hostiles.


If you enter the Super-Duper Mart through the left door, the entry room contains a Nuka-Cola vending machine directly to your left, with scattered empty Nuka-Cola bottles around it. Upon entering the store proper, there will be a hallway on the left wall leading to the restrooms and through which raiders will enter the main area.

Entering by the right door allows you to enter just right of an area surrounded with a counter that contains about half the loot in the store. The right wall is patrolled less often and allows you to get nearer the back of the store without being spotted.

The majority of the store is made up of super market style shelves, which have planks acting as makeshift bridges between their tops. These are patrolled by raiders and contain very few useful items.

The room on the back wall contains most of the remainder of the store's loot and houses a protectron that can be activated to help kill any remaining raiders.

Notable loot


  • The parking lot is a random encounter location.
  • Once the player has cleared the building of raiders (and the ones who come in after the initial slaughter), no enemies will respawn within the interior.
  • A Protectron that can be activated through the terminal(very easy) is found inside the pharmacy. Once activated, it will resume its routine of asking for identification (the ID is found on top of the console). In certain instances, however, this can cause a crash.
  • A Super-Duper Mart poster appears on the wall next to the stairway in the Megaton House if the Wasteland Explorer theme is purchased.
  • An intercom occurs when inside or exiting the pharmacy. If the player waits a while when activated, a group of raiders will proceed to enter Super-Duper Mart. If all raiders were cleared out beforehand, the raiders will remark that something feels wrong.

Behind the scenes



  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Shooting any of the check-out counters between the exits will cause them to bleed and produce a blood splat.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Occasionally, a player may not be able to enter the ladies restroom, even when the door is open.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png In the room with the protectron the second shelving unit on the left directly after entering the room makes the sound of loose caps falling or being moved if it is struck with fists or melee weapons.
  • On occasion, one of the raiders may crouch and stand repeatedly, making for a convenient distraction for the other raiders to sneak up on the player.


The Super-Duper Mart appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 . However, an ad for Super-Duper Mart can be found in the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters and in an El Rey Motel room in Fallout: New Vegas, as well as its add-on Lonesome Road.