Sunflower Summers

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Sunflower Summers
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Mentioned inLonesome Road
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Sunflower Summers was a "leader" of the hippie protesters who were present at the construction zone in Hopeville prior to the Great War.


As a "leader" of these hippie protesters, she met with base Commander Devlin and reveled in the ominously-worded promise that the military was preparing "something special" for them, hoping the surprise was going to be a full nuclear disarmament.[1] This overly optimistic view was proven to be foolish when the military began rounding up the local hippie population.[2][3] Her skeleton can be found next to her suitcase in the Cave of the Abaddon. Her cause of death remains unknown.


Sunflower Summers is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.