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Summersville Docks
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Part ofThe Forest
  • Scorched
  • Technical
  • Clearable
  • Point of Interest
  • Dungeon
  • The Forest location
  • Fast travel destination
  • Large loot scale
  • Outdoors theme

    Summersville Docks is a location in Fallout 76.


    Located outside of Charleston and near Wade Airport, Summersville Docks was a favorite among local fishermen and boaters, and even visiting tourists as anyone could drive up, refuel if needed, and launch their watercraft. Additional services were provided, such as bait and tackle shops, watercaft repair, and even storage. Business slowed down after the Great War and quite literally dried-up after the 2082 Christmas bombing of the Summersville Dam. After the lake was emptied, it still managed to provide some shelter to various persons over the years.

    Points of interest

    The location features a Tinkers Workbench, two cooking stations, and some sporadic notable loot in the nearby vicinity.

    Notable loot

    The Domestics Note 2: The note can be found on a small rowboat halfway to Burdette Manor, along with two mannequins and some food.

    Potential bobbleheads
    • On the rickety shelf, or fallen to the ground inside the small red storage shed, in the northwest corner (with the dinghy propped up against it, and flagpole adjacent).
    • On the metal shelf below the metal tub, among other junk, on the west wall of the fish store shack, in the southwest corner.
    • On the dry lakebed just below the northeast boathouse, by the scuppered red fishing boat.
    Potential magazines
    • On the broken bookcase, bottom shelf, in the small red storage shed with the rusty pickup outside, towards the southwest end of the docks, by the parking lot.
    • On the bottom of the metal shelf, end of the right side railing of the southeast boat dock, above the dry lake.
    • Inside the broken opening of the white overturned boat, by the wooden block also under the boat, half-buried at the side of the southeast boathouse, near a rusting red buoy.
    Potential recipe
    • On metal barrel under northern dock.

    Notable loot

    Dynamic spawns


    Summersville Docks appears in Fallout 76.