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Strictly Profitable
Slave Collar.png
Quest data
LocationParadise Falls
Given ByGrouse
Reward250 caps per slave
Related quests
Strictly Business
leads to:

Strictly Profitable is a repeatable quest in Fallout 3.


After receiving the Mesmetron from Grouse in Paradise Falls, the player has the option of enslaving other people in addition to the four VIPs required to complete the quest Strictly Business. More potential slaves are all over the Capital Wasteland. For every slave the player captures and sends to Paradise Falls, Grouse will pay out 250 caps and give a new slave collar to continue the "recruiting."

Grouse also sells mesmetron power cells at the steep price of 200 caps for 10 rounds in case you have used them all and require more. However, since he pays 250 caps for any new slave, the steep price is offset by enslaving another person.


  • With the exception of the four targets from the Strictly Business quest, any person you enslave will disappear from the game permanently.
  • Not every non-player character can be enslaved using the Mesmetron; only certain characters have it coded into their character to be able to be enslaved. Occasionally you will find that your targets run away or become hostile towards you. Additionally, stunning somebody in a public place, for example Rivet City, will cause the whole population to turn against you for about three days but it is possible to avoid such situations by mesmerizing the target and quickly talking to the non-player character.
  • In addition to enslaving people, the Mesmetron can have the side effect of turning them hostile (30% chance) or making their head explode altogether (20% chance). This can make it difficult to always successfully enslave a target.
  • Once non-player characters are mezzed, they cannot be mezzed again.

Enslavable non-player characters

A list of known non-player characters that can be enslaved with the Mesmetron. This may not be all of them.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Certain characters (namely Angela Staley or Bone from The Pitt) may cause the game to freeze if they are mesmerized and collared.