Strength Implant

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Strength Implant
Fallout: New Vegas
Requirements4000 caps
Effects+1 to Strength
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Strength Implant is a Fallout: New Vegas perk.


The Hypertrophy Accelerator is a special perk, which means that you can't just pick it when you level up. You can get from Doctor Usanagi in the New Vegas Medical Clinic for 4000 caps, designed to enhanced the muscle mass of the person it's installed in.


With the Hypertrophy Accelerator implanted, the accelerator boosts the users adrenal glands starting a controlled increase in muscle mass within the user.[1] The resulting muscle growth will increase the user's strength by +1.

Behind the scenes

  • Hypertrophy is the condition where the volume of tissue increases as a result of a growth in the size of the component cells. In this case, the growth of musculature by enlarging the muscle cells is referred to as 'muscular hypertrophy'.

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  1. "I can implant the Hypertrophy Accelerator for 4,000 caps. It will boost your adrenal glands and quickly increase your muscle mass." - Dr. Usanagi