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Storage building
FNV Black Mountain Storage Building.png
FNV Black Mountain Storage Building Int.png
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Black Mountain loc.jpg
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Black Mountain)
Part ofBlack Mountain
FactionsState of Utobitha
QuestsCrazy, Crazy, Crazy
Cell NameBlackMountainTreasure
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The storage building is part of the broadcasting complex at the summit of Black Mountain.


The storage building is a simple, yet cluttered locale. The single chamber is filled with shelves stocked with various odds and ends amassed by the nightkin and 2nd generation supermutants. Useless baubles are merely a cover, as plenty of valuable items are hidden among the trash. Tabitha invites mutants to participate in a treasure hunt, looking for the loot.

At the back of the building, Rhonda (a Mr Handy) is located. Fixing her (60 Science) allows the player to peacefully resolve Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

The storage building is exactly that, a storage building. There are several shelves filled with random items, a Nuka-Cola machine, several locked chests, and a broken Mister Handy robot (requires 60 in Science to fix). It also houses a treasure hunt note by Tabitha.

Notable loot


To Whom It May Concern

We got some pretty good stuff from the last raid and unlike last time, I don't want any incidents. The only logical conclusion was to hide everything throughout this room. if you can read this, you have my permission to use any items you can find.

Stuff I hid:

1 missile launcher
3 missiles
3 bricks of C4
5 frag grenades
1 super stimpak
Various ammunition

Your Benevolent Supreme Overlord, Tabitha

Treasure hunt loot is as follows:

Other loot:

  • The three large trunks in the room require Tabitha's Equipment Key. The key can be procured by killing Tabitha, pickpocketing her, or resolving the quest peacefully by fixing Rhonda.
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap: On the bottom shelf between bottle crates, near the super mutant target.
  • Nuka-Cola Victory: Next to the reloading bench.
  • A fourth missile can be found sandwiched between a board and the upturned desk, under the trunk.


Storage building appears in Fallout: New Vegas.