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Stop the Radscorpions.
Radscorpion Cave.png
Quest data
LocationShady Sands
Radscorpion cave
Given ByAradesh
Reward500 XP (killing the radscorpions)
300 XP (sealing the cave)
+6 Reputation
Related quests
Cure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison.

Stop the Radscorpions. is a side quest in Fallout.


Shady Sands is plagued by a swarm of radscorpions that attack the denizens of the town and their herds.


  • Talk to Seth or Aradesh to start the quest.
  • Seth will guide the player to the Radscorpion cave.
  • The quest can be completed in two ways:
    • Killing all nine radscorpions inside the cave.
    • Blowing up the entrance by placing an active explosive (dynamite or plastic explosives) next to a portion of the entrance wall that "seems a bit weaker" when examined.
  • The experience for both actions stacks - the player can kill the radscorpions and then blow up the cave to receive both experience rewards. Obviously, standing on the wrong side of the cave in when the explosives go off will kill the player character.
  • Return to Aradesh for a reputation boost.