Stockmen's Association Headquarters

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Stockmen's Association Headquarters
Part ofShady Sands Downtown

The Stockmen's Association Headquarters is the headquarters of New California Republic's major brahmin union, the Stockmen's Association. The union's leader, Duppo, is usually present in the first room and can sell items to the player. He will also offer work in the shape of being a caravan guard for one of Roger Westin's cattle trails, and will pay well for the work.



The first room one normally enters is the smaller of the two. Duppo stands in the middle and there are benches with items for sale on top of them. There is also a small stove tucked into one corner, but nothing else that would imply that this is also Duppo's home. It is possible it is for sale or that it is being repaired.

The second, slightly larger room can be seen, but is inaccessible at first. One must complete missions for Merk before being allowed entry because it is his gambling operation. It has tables and chairs, and also a roulette table with a guard in a leather jacket nearby.


Stockmen's Association Headquarters appears only in Fallout 2.