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For an overview of stimpak variants throughout the Fallout series, see stimpak.
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+30 Hit Points
+20 Hit Points (jsawyer) or
+5 Hit Points per second for 6s
+4 Hit Points per second for 5s (jsawyer)
Component ofSlasher
Auto-inject stimpak Lonesome RoadGametitle-FNV LR.png
Super stimpak
0.25 (jsawyer)
Base ID00015169

Stimpak, or stimulation delivery package, is a type of hand-held medication used for boosting the body's own regenerative properties.[1] This consumable item can be found throughout the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas.


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A wonder of pre-War science, stimpaks are syringes filled with a mixture of healing agents and stimulants, allowing the user to boost their own body's natural regenerative functions.[2] In most cases, it leads to an almost instantaneous regeneration of wounds. Stimpaks can also be used to treat physical conditions, such as a heart condition, but only temporarily.[3] The syringe is typically equipped with a gauge for quickly identifying the state of the contents and can be used either in an intravenous or intramuscular fashion. The basic stimpak is designed for use on minor wounds, as the soup of healing medication is ineffective at treating major trauma.[1]


Stimpaks are a type of hand held medication used to healing the body. The item consists of a syringe for containing and delivering the medication and a gauge for measuring the status of the stimpak's contents. When the medicine is injected, it provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds, delivering between 30-90 hit points per injection, dependent on the level of the player's Medicine skill.

Additionally, it can be used to heal crippled limbs by injecting it directly into the affected limb - via the PipBoy interface. When used on a limb it heals a relatively high amount of damage on the limb, but slight healing on the body. Conversely, when used on the whole body, a relatively high amount of damage on the whole body is healed, but the limbs are healed only slightly.

In hardcore mode, stimpaks will heal over time, versus instantly, and will not heal crippled limbs. Limbs can only be healed by a doctor or with the use of items that specifically indicate limb healing in their information, including, but not limited to, hydra, a doctor's bag, weapon binding ritual, daturana and healing poultice.

Effects of Medicine skill

10+36 Hit Point60+66 Hit Point
20+42 Hit Point70+72 Hit Point
30+48 Hit Point80+78 Hit Point
40+54 Hit Point90+84 Hit Point
50+60 Hit Point100+90 Hit Point


1 Stimpak
Note: this item is also craftable via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E (with at least 1 rank of the Camarader-E perk).




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    (Madison Li's dialogue)