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Starport Nuka
Map MarkerStarport Nuka
FactionsNuka-Cola Corporation (defunct)
QuestsStar Control
Cell NameDLC04GalacticZoneExt08
ref idxx003297
TerminalsManager's Terminal
Star Control Mainframe

Starport Nuka is a location in the Galactic Zone park of Nuka-World.


Starport Nuka is the central landmark of the Galactic Zone, housing the central mainframe that manages all of its robotic defenders and turrets. The project was possible by a hefty grant from the U.S. military who sponsored the park.[1] The result was a cutting edge system that was implemented by Mark Falcone, capable of making rational decision based on the input provided, which was a very necessary element in a park populated by military-grade robots with their combat protocols merely suppressed, rather than excised.

More importantly, it holds a prototype X-01 power armor suit in the central display, shut behind bulletproof glass, showing off the next Space Age technology of the future...


The interior of the spire is dominated by the central exposition with the armor, with the mainframe in the back. Kendall's body is right next to the mainframe. Flanking the tower on both sides are staircases leading up to a display room, as well as the manager's office (Novice-locked).

Behind the tower is a large alley, where the scavengers made camp. Right now it's filled with dead humans and very angry robots. The alley contains a cooking station, several beds, a chemistry station, a weapons workbench, and an armor workbench.

Notable loot

  • SCAV! Issue #1 is behind the building in the trader camp; it is on a box by the campfire.
  • The full suit of Quantum X-01 power armor is in the mainframe exhibit, which is unlocked after amassing all 35 star cores and installing them in the mainframe.
  • A hidden Cappy for the quest Cappy in a Haystack is on a wall next to the left-hand entrance to the ground-level employee section.
  • A star core is on the ground near the mainframe, grasped by Kendall.
  • Mark's log is on a deck right of the mainframe. Another star core is found on the south side of the camp in the alley.
  • A T-51 power armor helmet is in the display case on the floor above the mainframe. A second display case (Advanced-locked) is nearby and contains a star core and mini nuke.
  • A Nuka-Cade ticket roll and the Galactic Zone manager's key are both in the office (novice-locked) above the mainframe.


Starport Nuka appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "Thanks to a sponsorship by the U.S. Military, Nuka-World featured a formidable security force and had access to all sorts of military-grade hardware."