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Starlight Interstellar Theater
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Map MarkerStarlight Interstellar Theater
QuestsStar Control
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The Starlight Interstellar Theater is a location in the Galactic Zone park of Nuka-World.


An attraction sponsored by Starlight Theaters, the Interstellar was one of the most advanced projection centers in the East. Now it's but a shadow of its former self, still filled with active robots, immensely hostile to any living being.


The entire location is built around the central projection room, filled with little cute rocket cars that would be used in a mock-drive-in fashion, and a bar on the western end. Unfortunately, this large open space means that the Startender, a massive white and gold sentry bot, has plenty of range to unleash hell on the player. Of course, there's plenty of Mr. Frothy's supporting this juggernaut, making this one of the hardest encounters in the area.

At the entrance, heading left takes one to the theater and bathrooms. Heading right, there is an elevator immediately on the left wall, which leads into the projection booth which contains a steamer chest. The subsequent hallway leads out onto the overhead catwalks, and to another elevator near the kitchen. The kitchen holds a Nuka-Mixer station, Expert-locked safe and an Advanced-locked pantry.


  • There are four star cores: one is in the bar below the projection booth, another in the locked (Advanced) pantry in the back (southeastern side), the third one in the small alcove in the toilets (northeastern side), and the final one is in the projection booth.
  • The Nuka-Void recipe is on the bar counter.
  • And ice cold Nuka-Cola Victory is in the locked pantry.
  • There are 15 plungers in a stall in the the female bathroom.


The Starlight Interstellar Theater appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.