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Starlight Drive In
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Map MarkerStarlight Drive In
FactionsCommonwealth Minutemen (optionally)
QuestsTaking Point: (location)
Ghoul Problem at (location)
Cell NameStarlightDriveInExt
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The Starlight Drive In is a location and possible settlement in the Commonwealth.


A once-thriving drive-in movie theater and diner is now slightly less welcoming, due to a mole rat infestation and a number of mines left behind by previous occupants.[1]

Settlement information

This settlement is very large, even though its usable space is diminished by the radioactive pond in the center. Still, this radioactivity can be removed by merely scrapping the barrels at the center of the pond.

The parking lot is filled with junked cars and there are plenty of trees surrounding the lot, meaning that many structures can be built around the grounds using the scrap steel and wood. There is plenty of space for growing crops around the diner and movie screen, and the radioactive pond in the center can be utilized for large scale water production and purification. This locale is a relatively safe place, and is seldom ever raided.


The northeast section of the drive-in features a diner that has a small camp at the top. Southwest of the diner is the main parking lot, which has a large, severely radioactive pond in the center, peaking at 30 rads per second; the north side of parking lot has a Novice-locked shed containing the settlement workshop. Behind the movie screen is a small building with a cooking station, as well as a Novice-locked storeroom.

Related quests

Notable loot

  • A fusion core is found on a shelf in the Novice-locked storeroom behind the movie screen.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum is also found in the Novice-locked storeroom.
  • There is a Nuka Cherry on a lower shelf inside the diner.


Starlight Drive In appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.265: "[1.16] STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN
    A once-thriving drive-in movie theater and diner is now slightly less welcoming: Beware of the makeshift bomb on the diner door (then find the Nuka Cherry on the low shelf). Unlock the back storage shed (Novice) to access the workshop, or find the back storage key in the footlocker on top of the big screen gantry. Open the rear storage (Novice) behind the screen; this is where the Fusion Core and Quantum are stored."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)