Springvale raider mining log

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Springvale Raider Mining Log
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The Springvale Raider Mining Log is a holodisk in Fallout 3.


The complete log is found on a terminal, with the first one available as this holodisk, found on a raider inside the school.



Boppo died like a bitch. He didn't have half a bad idea, setting up here. We had a good thing going, picking off caravans and traders on their way into Megaton. He was stupid to try and raid the town. Dumbass deserved the bullet Simms put in his head.

Anyway, there's sweeter water to be had here. That damn Vault's what we should be trying to get into, not that rag-ass town. If we can get in there, ain't none of us going to want again for the rest of our lives.