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Old World Blues
RequirementsWelcome to the Big Empty: Speak to Doctor Klein
EffectsTorso can no longer be crippled
STR +1
DT +1
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Your spine has been replaced with advanced technologies: Your torso can no longer be crippled and your Strength (STR) and Damage Threshold (DT) have been increased (+1)

— In-game description

Spineless is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


In the initial dialogue with Doctor Klein as part of the quest Welcome to the Big Empty, you find out that your brain, heart, and spine have been removed and replaced. This perk represents the replacement of your spine. While you technically have these perks from the start of the add-on, they are unlocked in the course of the conversation.


Your Strength and Damage Threshold have been permanently raised by 1 point. Additionally, your torso can never be crippled again.


  • Compared to the Reinforced Spine perk, you gain immunity to torso crippling, but lose the additional +1 to Strength and Damage Threshold.
  • The bonus is not added to your base Strength, so when leveling it will not count toward qualifying for perks.
  • However, it synergyzes poorly with Eye for Eye,as it reduces the total number of limbs that can be crippled.

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