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Space suits are designed to protect their wearers from the lethal rigors of space, which include vacuum, radiation, and temperature extremes.


Early spacesuit

Gameplay article:

Designed by the United States Space Administration, the spacesuit is designed to keep the wearer alive in extremely low temperatures and extremely low pressures. Although a spacesuit is designed to block out harmful interstellar radiation, this suit will not protect you from radiation sources. It provides a damage resistance of 1 and has a very high item health (10,000,000 HP). Radiation suits and advanced radiation suits can be used to repair. Although the suit has its own oxygen tanks for spacewalks, if it is equipped before swimming you will still have the normal amount of oxygen, as well as the possibility of drowning.

Modern space suit

Gameplay article:
FNV space suit.png

Utilized by such aerospace companies like REPCONN, the modern take of the USSA spacesuit is reminiscent of classic takes on space suits of the future, complete with a glass domed helmet with an antenna on top. The suit is also very similar to the suit of the Y-17 Trauma Harness. While untested in space, the suit is 10 times as protective as its predecessor and two pounds heavier, while apparently lacking or improving upon many of the cosmetic and mechanical features it had, such as oxygen tanks with a gauge, a personal transmission antenna and receivers, and a metal chest piece with another gauge on it.

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