Someone To Talk To

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Someone To Talk To
Quest data
  • 250 experience points
  • 30 caps
  • Random assorted Savage Divide items
  • Random amount of syringer ammo
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
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Someone To Talk To is a quest in Fallout 76.


Dr. Eddie Harrison was working on a device that would let him interpret animal sounds into a common language so he could "talk" with them. Vault 76 dwellers can help: Load the Vox Interpreter holotape and grab the Vox Syringer to advance man's understanding of animals.


  • The quest starts at the impoverished Monongah, and requires players to collect both the Vox syringer and the Vox interpreter holotape from Harrison's lab. Afterwards, the player simply has to find three random animals, shoot them with the syringer, then wait for the PIP-Boy to finish analysis. To complete the quest, players simply need to return to the laboratory and deposit both the tape and the syringer where they found them.