Snow globe - Lonesome Road

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Snow globe - Lonesome Road
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Value2000 caps
Base IDxx004687
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The Snow globe - Lonesome Road is a miscellaneous item that can be found in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


Like all add-on snowglobes, when picked up, 2000 bottle caps will instantly be given to the Courier. The snowglobe will also be shown on the shelf above the snow globe stand in the Lucky 38 presidential suite.

The globe itself, unlike all the others found in-game, is quite badly damaged. This is shown with figures being tilted over, and a large crack down the middle of the globe.


The Lonesome Road snow globe is located at the Junction 7 rest stop, which is near the end of the High Road. Once at the end and the road stops, one can go downhill to the west of the overpass, in order to find a broken down building. The snow globe is located in a knocked over bookshelf inside of this building.


  • After picking up the globe, there will be an ambush by deathclaws, tunnelers, and/or marked men.
  • This snowglobe is different from the others in two ways: it is broken (the glass, the Vault Boy and no snow) and, instead of having the name of the area written in the bottom, it has the name of the add-on.


The snow globe may disappear, like some other items, if acquired and then loading a previous save.