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Sniper shack
Sniper Shack.jpeg
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Sniper Shack loc.jpg
Map MarkerSniper Shack
Cell NameSniperShack (exterior)
ShacktownInterior08 (interior)
ref id00000fa2 (exterior)
0001ba88 (interior)

The sniper shack (called abandoned shack in-game) is a building on the cliff to the west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas.


The sniper shack is a single room building, containing a locker, ammunition boxes, metal boxes, and a bed. There is also a workbench and a cage containing the game's only named radroaches: Fluffy and Jitters.

Notable loot

  • The Victory rifle is in a locked (very hard) locker.
  • There is a copy of Dean's Electronics hidden in a wooden box under the workbench. The player may need to pick up the box and pull it out from under the workbench in order to obtain it.
  • There is a copy of Guns and Bullets on the table left of the locker.
  • There is a pre-War book on top of the same table as the Guns and Bullets.
  • The same table also has approximately 14-20 bobby pins on it.
  • Keller Family transcript #4 on the workbench on the left.
  • A large teddy bear may also be found there sitting on the bed like the one in the Red Racer Factory. It appears to have an empty whiskey bottle in its hand, possibly an Easter egg (see image below.).
  • A Stealth Boy can be found on the left locker (not inside locker).


  • Followers can retrieve the Victory rifle from its locker even if it is locked.
  • The outside of the shack is a spawning point for Talon Company/Regulators, depending on the player's karma level.
  • A Vertibird will drop an Enclave soldier and a sentry bot to the northwest.
  • Sometimes when the Talon Company/Regulators spawn after you exit the shack, if you enter again one of them may get the Victory rifle even if the locker is locked. Just kill and loot them to get the rifle.
  • Super mutants can spawn in the small pond near the shack, usually with a missile launcher. Or in some cases a tri-beam laser rifle (only with Broken Steel).
  • If killed, Fluffy and Jitters will eventually respawn, even though they are named creatures.
  • On the rocks below the sniper shack, there is a hole in the rocks due to a mapping glitch.


The sniper shack appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Fluffy and Jitters can escape their cages without the player opening the cage door.
  • When targeting Fluffy or Jitters in V.A.T.S. with a melee weapon, the player will get stuck in the crouched position inside the cage. Fluffy and Jitters will be able to attack the player, but the player will not be able to hit them, except with a grenade.