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Snallygasters are creatures found in Fallout 76.


Experiments with recombinant strains of FEV at the West Tek Research Center in Appalachia produced numerous failed mutations, with two exceptions. The first of these was FEVS-006443 from October 14, 2077, a Phase 2 combination strain that combined traits that resembled a number of different species. The results were considered disturbing by the scientists, but provided valuable insights as to the capability of recombinant FEV. Notable changes included a number of ocular organs along the enlarged upper torso, a second set of arms ending in clawed digits, and a large sickle-shaped claw on each inner toe. The living, stable, and functioning subject was sustaining itself normally (a major accomplishment for the program) and was planned for release in Huntersville after the subsequent experiment matured.[1] The mutant was never returned to the area until January 3, 2078, when it escaped containment and the facility. The mutant procreated, leading to the emergence of snallygaster mutants across Appalachia.[2] The horrifying result of experiments with the experimental Forced Evolutionary Virus, has six legs, numerous eyes along its back, and an extended tongue covered in acidic goo that can rapidly take down any survivors.[3]


Snallygasters appear mostly alone, which is a boon. Although not particularly aggressive, the monsters are vicious, durable, and log globs of spit at its attackers, which deal a large amount of damage. Fortunately, it's neither fast nor particularly agile due to the sheer number of limbs it has to keep track of.




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