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For an overview of laser pistol models in the Fallout series of games, see laser pistol.
Smuggler's End
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SkillEnergy Weapons
Attack statistics
18 (23.9)
54 (71.7)
DPS (reload)
41.5 (55.2)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
Crit Effect
Disintegration on death
Ammo & reloading
Ammo TypeSmall energy cell
Ammo Cap.30
Reload Time
Item HP500
AEP7 laser pistols
Editor ID?
Base ID0006b536
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)

Smuggler's End is a unique weapon in Fallout 3.


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The standard energy sidearm of the United States Armed Forces, the AEP7 replaced the AEP5 model. Boasting redesigned internal components, including a new photonic focusing chamber and completely redesigned focusing crystal pattern, the AEP7 offers a respectable damage output, excellent accuracy at range, and generous battery size. By taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques developed shortly before the Great War, it also boasted reduced weight and bulk compared to previous models.[1]

It's entirely likely that if wartime logistic troubles did not delay development and deployment, the AEP7 and its superior version, the AEP9, would have entirely superseded the N99 10mm pistol as the standard sidearm of the U.S. military. As it stands, the Great War prevented it from being widely deployed, despite a large number of units being produced. Repair and calibration are generally recommended whenever a functional laser pistol is found.[1]


Smuggler's End is a unique AEP7 laser pistol. It shoots twice as fast outside of V.A.T.S. and does 6 additional points of damage per shot compared to the AEP7 laser pistol. The pistol is also lighter with a weight of 2, compared to the standard version's 3, and also has significantly more durability.

Smuggler's End can fire a total of 694 bolts, or about 23 full cells, before breaking.



Name Type Dmg/shot DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg Spread AP cost Ammo Ammo cap Weight Item HP Value Notes
Laser pistol Energy pistol 12 36 3 x1.5 12 0.0 17 Energy cell 30 3 350 320 -
Smuggler's End Energy pistol 18 54 3 x1.5 18 0.0 17 Energy cell 30 2 500 450 -
Protectron's Gaze Energy shotgun-pistol 24 72 3 x1.0 24 2.5 17 Energy cell 20 3 500 320 Fires 5 projectiles
Colonel Autumn's laser pistol Energy pistol 10 120 12 x0.08 22 0.0 17 Energy cell 30 2 500 420 Fully automatic
Colonel Autumn's laser pistol (Broken Steel) Energy pistol 18 54 3 x1.5 18 0.0 17 Energy cell 30 3 500 420 -


It is Elder Lyons' personal weapon and is located in his private safe in the B-Ring of the Citadel. The safe is locked with a Very Hard lock, and the weapon is found in mint condition.


  • It is possible to get the gun from the safe without picking the lock, if you have Dogmeat with you, you can order him to find you a weapon and he can take it from the safe without opening it, this may take several tries as there are a number of weapons to be found around the area.
  • Although stored in his safe, the gun is not "owned" by Elder Lyons in game terms. Taking it is not considered stealing and incurs no Karma loss.
  • This weapon can be sometimes found by pickpocketing Elder Lyons.
  • There is also a chance if you go on a rampage in the area while the Brotherhood soldiers are sleeping one may pick it up and use it against you. A good way to do this is to leave your follower(s) in the room with the safe, and start a fist fight in the hallway. Put your fists down and the Brotherhood won't be hostile, but chances are your follower(s) will kill the person who grabs the pistol.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 Citadel terminals. Terminal, AEP7 Laser Pistol: "The AEP7 Laser Pistol was put into service to replace the AEP5, a model which was notorious for its problems with overheating. The AEP7 features a new design in the photonic focusing chamber as well as an entirely redesigned focusing crystal pattern. The bulk and weight have both been reduced over previous models and it was likely that within the new few development cycles, the successor to the AEP7 would replace the n99 10mm as the standard issue sidearm for all forces.

    The AEP7 took advantage of new manufacturing techniques developed shortly before the Great War. Although many were produced, most did not make it into field service because of logistics problems concerning their deployment during active wartime.

    The AEP7 can be a rare find in the Capital Wasteland, and any models that are produced should be returned to the Citadel for repair and recalibrating before field deployment."