Slocum's Joe (Fallout 76)

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Slocum's Joe
F76 Slocum Joe's.pngF76 Slocum Joes.png
Part ofThe Forest
  • Scorched
  • Robots
  • Technical
  • Large loot scale
  • The Forest location
  • General theme
  • Fast travel destination

    Slocum's Joe is a location in Fallout 76.


    A franchise shop of Boston's premier coffee shop brand that was once used by a survivor as a refuge.[1] And even though the apocalypse has happened, it hasn't stopped some people from writing their scathing food reviews.[2]

    Points of interest

    • This small shop is closed down and boarded up, with a tinker's bench in the back and access to the roof through the fire escape.

    Notable loot

    Notes and Holotapes
    • Justin's Note: Found in the back room, next to a sleeping bag.
    • Slocum Woes: Posted to the bulletin board near at the front of the store.
    Dynamic spawns


    Slocum's Joe appears in Fallout 76.

    Behind the scenes

    • Justin Cole was a boy who died at the age of 14. His friend Christian petitioned Bethesda on to add an easter egg in memoriam for his friend, who loved playing Fallout. Justin's note is Bethesda's acknowledgment of the request.[3]