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LeadershipEulogy Jones (—2277)
Harmon Jurley (2250—)
Penelope Chase (—2250)
Notable Members
Current members
Former members
HeadquartersParadise Falls
Notable LocationsParadise Falls
Lincoln Memorial

The slavers are a faction operating in the Capital Wasteland, centralized in Paradise Falls in 2277.


Although the region's earliest history of slavery since the Great War is unknown, it was well established if even more chaotic by 2250. Paradise Falls' former slaver leaders include Penelope Chase, and Harmon Jurley. Harmon Jurley was the leader of Paradise Falls around 2250.[1] By 2277, Paradise Falls is led by Eulogy Jones who regulates the purchase and selling of slaves, after he personally killed the former leader.[2] The slavers get paid on commission, based on the number of wastelanders they bring in,[3] and according to Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, the slavers have become more organized in the last twenty years and "[buy] and [sell] anything with a pulse."[4] Fortunately for the denizens of the Capital Wasteland, slave collars are a rarity, which makes the slavers job much more difficult.[5]

Paradise Falls is guarded by and serves as a home to a cadre of battle-hardened, slavers that have no aversion to the profitable business of slavery. The inhabitants of Paradise Falls are infamous for their incursions into Big Town, and on rare occasions, into Little Lamplight. The slavers are also known to seize random wastelanders, and the town is frequently mentioned on the Herbert Dashwood program on Galaxy News Radio.


The current structure of the slavers is Eulogy Jones as the dictator, with the individual slavers operating on commission for slaves. The dictator can and has installed a leader of an expedition to the Lincoln Memorial to destroy it and capture any slaves that escape to there.

Outside relations

Slavers are only accepted in the settlement of Paradise Falls. Every other settlement in the Capital Wasteland either cowers in fear of their presence or are actively hostile toward them. The only exception is the recently established Canterbury Commons, who do not engage in the practice of slavery nor have suffered a slaver raid.

The slavers are hunting for stock among the transients and denizens of the region, basically anyone who cannot put up a fight. Because the Capital Wasteland is a desolate and relatively barren landscape between towns, wastelanders are ripe for the picking here. The number of slaves present compared to the number of slavers is remarkably low, meaning that the slaves are being shipped elsewhere. When the slavers capture their victims, they either keep them for local buyers or traffic them to richer places outside the region, like The Pitt.[6][7]

Interactions with the player character

Slavers play a fairly large role in Fallout 3. Paradise Falls is a slaver compound, and several quests feature slavery as either major or minor elements, most notably Head of State and its association to slavery and Abraham Lincoln's role as the 'Great Emancipator.' Additionally, the Lone Wanderer can capture people to sell them to slavers. The Lone Wanderer can even buy a slave, Clover, who will then serve the player as a bodyguard.

If you start bringing slaves to Paradise Falls you may trigger a random encounter with a group of slavers that can't keep up with the number of slaves they have to bring to Eulogy Jones, so they try to kill you to eliminate the competition.


The level of technology of these slavers is that of any well equipped scavenger, utilizing small arms and a wide range of armors. The only major difference is their accessibility to slave collars.


The slavers of the Capital Wasteland appear only in Fallout 3.


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