Slave scarf

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Slave scarf
Slave Scarf.png
Icon slave scarf male.png
DT0Item HP15
Effects+1 Perception
Pre-War hat
Stormchaser hat
base id001370fd

The slave scarf is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


It has no damage threshold but a bonus of +1 to Perception and can be repaired by the same slave scarves, pre-War outfits, and stormchaser hats.


  • Sometimes found on the dead prospector in the Nevada Highway Patrol Station, but only the first time visit to the location.
  • Usually found on any mercenary or caravan guard.
  • Sometimes found on the dead prospector near Prospector's Den.
  • A slave scarf can be found in the Cottonwood Cove HQ next to the Legion radio.
  • A dead prospector in Scorpion Gulch can be found wearing the Head-wrap version of the slave scarf.
  • Can be found on middle floor of Nipton Hall on a dead prospector.
  • Worn by most slaves at The Fort.


  • There are two different versions of the slave scarf: one that looks like a bandana, and another that resembles a head wrap.
  • Even though they have the same name, you can't use one version to repair the other.