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Slave house
PF slave house interior.jpg
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Map Markernone
Part ofParadise Falls
QuestsStrictly Business
Cell NamePFallsSlaveHouse
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The slave house is a building in Paradise Falls.


The slave house is a simple rectangular building made up of a single room. Several mattresses lay on the floor to accommodate the slaves living there. Any 'VIP' slaves the player has captured will appear within the slave house. The player can also attempt to free them, but in the process might accidentally detonate the collar. The slave house can be entered through the adult slave pen, which is to the right as the player approaches the pens.

Notable loot

  • Inside is a pre-War book on the table at the back of the room. There is also a garden gnome inside one of the tires in the room, but it doesn't show up as a object that can be interacted with.

Related quests


The slave house appears only in Fallout 3.