Skum Pitt

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Skum Pitt
PE2 Skum Pitt Night.png
Skum Pitt at night
Map MarkerCasino
Part ofJunktown
QuestsRecruit Tycho
Steal Neal's Urn
Kill Neal
Bust the Skulz gang.

The Skum Pitt is a bar in Junktown owned by Neal.


The Skum Pitt is ran by Neal and despite the name is actually a pretty good watering hole, with Ismarc singing to entertain patrons enjoying Neal's selection of drinks. The Pitt opens each day at 4 PM and closes 12 hours later, at 4 AM.

Points of interest

  • By talking to either Neal or Trish, the player can buy Nuka-Cola for 3 caps, a bottle of beer for 5, or hard liquor for 20.
  • Trish will be attacked by a Skulz ganger if the player appears in the bar after 6 PM. Neal will gun down the ganger, leading to the Skulz promising vengeance.
  • Tycho stands to the side and can be recruited as a follower.
  • The player can steal Neal's urn, which contains his late wife's ashes. Trying and failing while the bar is open will turn Tycho, Neal, and Ismarc hostile. The best way to steal it is during the day.


The Skum Pitt appears in Fallout. The logo is reused in the Great Wanamingo Mine for the miner mess hall in the southwest, though it does not serve any purpose.