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Ammunition is used in a variety of firearms, melee weapons, and even a few unarmed weapons (like the Power Fist). They run the gamut from the humble rivet to the mighty Micro-Fusion Cell (MFC).

Ammo Variants

Some types of ammunition can support variants. Variants modify the base properties of the ammo. Ammo variants often cost more money than standard ammo. Characters with a high Mechanics skill can also manufacture ammo variants.

  • AP - Armor Piercing - +2 AV, +2 Damage
  • BH - Broadhead Arrows - +1 AV, +4 Damage
  • DD - Dum Dum - -2 AV, +4 Damage
  • EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse - Does EMP damage
  • FMJ - Full Metal Jacket - No modifiers; standard firearm ammo
  • Frag - Fragmentation - Does Normal damage
  • HE - High Explosive - Does Normal damage
  • HP - Hollow Point - -1 AV, +4 Damage
  • HV - High Velocity - No modifiers; standard rivet ammo
  • IL - Illumination - Explodes into a huge light
  • JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point - -1 AV, +4 Damage
  • NAI - Nerve Agent Injector - Injects nerve agents into the target if it does damage (not fatigue)
  • PC - Plasma Charge - Does Heat (Plasma) damage
  • Plasma - Plasma - Does Heat (Plasma) damage
  • Shot - Shotgun Shot - Standard 12 ga. ammo. Spray attack. +50% DT
  • SI - Sedative Injector - Injects sedative into the target if it does damage (not fatigue)
  • Slug - Shotgun Slug - +2 AV (no spray)
  • TI - Toxin Injector - Injects poison into the target if it does damage (not fatigue)
  • TR - Training Arrows - These are standard arrows.

Ammo Types

12 ga.

Shot, Slug / 1d6+18 (19-24

Ingredients: 2 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Plastic, 1 Brass

Tech Level: 5

12 gauge shotgun ammunition is relatively easy to make and is only found in shotguns (sawed-off, standard, and combat).

.223 cal

FMJ, JHP, AP / 1d10+20 (21-30)

Ingredients: 2 Propellant, 1 Metal, 2 Brass

Tech Level: 7

.223 ammunition is used primarily in assault rifles and miniguns, though it occasionally is used in odd handguns.

.22 cal

FMJ / 1d8+1 (2-9)

Ingredients: 1 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Brass

Tech Level: 6

.22 is a very light caliber reserved for handguns and rifles. A variant of .22, called injector, is used in specialized tranquilizer guns.

.22 Injector

SI, NAI, TI / 1d6 (1-6)

Ingredients: 1 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Brass, 1 Medic

Tech Level: 7

.22 Injector ammo is not very damaging, but it is not meant to be. The dart simply serves to inject one of three flavors of chemical concoctions in the target. Though robots are immune to the substances, most other creatures are quite vulnerable.

2mm EC

Standard / 2d6+15 (17-27) / -20 DT

Ingredients: 6 Metal, 1 Fusion

Tech Level: 8

2mm EC is the "standard" (but still extremely rare) form of ammunition used in gauss rifles. They pack less of a punch than the 15mm EC, but are still very bad news for armor.

.30 cal

FMJ, JHP, AP / 1d10+25 (26-35)

Ingredients: 2 Propellant, 1 Metal, 2 Brass

Tech Level: 6

An American favorite, the .30 rounds are used exclusively in rifles and machineguns.

40mm Rifle Grenade

Frag, IL / 10d6 (10-60)

Ingredients: 10 Propellant, 4 Metal

Tech Level: 6

40mm rifle grenades can be fired from a stand-alone rifle grenade launcher or an underslung rifle grenade launcher. They have a much higher range than thrown grenades, but tend to do less damage.

.44 cal

FMJ, HP, AP, DD / 1d8+14 (15-22)

Ingredients: 2 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Brass

Tech Level: 6

Used in a massive handgun and the occasional rifle, .44 is one of the most powerful calibers in common use in the Core Region.

.45 cal

FMJ, HP, AP, DD / 1d8+8 (9-16)

Ingredients: 1 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Brass

Tech Level: 6

The .45 caliber packs more of a punch than its 9mm brother, but it lacks slightly in armor penetration. It is used in revolvers, autoloaders, and submachineguns.

.50 cal

FMJ, JHP, AP / 1d10+10 (21-30)

Ingredients: 3 Propellant, 2 Metal, 2 Brass

Tech Level: 7

The dreaded .50 caliber round is used in three weapons: an anti-material rifle, a gargantuan handgun, and the strange "pistol katar". The first two weapons require high strength to wield, but .50 rounds are the most powerful conventional rounds in the game.


FMJ, JHP, AP / 1d10+15 (16-25) / -10 DT

Ingredients: 2 Propellant, 1 Metal, 2 Brass

Tech Level: 7

The high velocity of the 7.62mm round makes it ideal for long range sniper rifles and assault weapons, but it often over-penetrates when it hits a target. While the .223 round is used against soft targets, the 7.62mm is used against armored opponents and other hard targets like robots.


FMJ, HP, AP, DD / 1d8+4 (5-12) / -10 DT

Ingredients: 1 Propellant, 1 Metal, 1 Brass

Tech Level: 6

The plentiful 9mm round is a favorite in handguns and submachine guns. There's even a wildly-inaccurate one-handed machine pistol that uses 9mm rounds. 9mm rounds aren't very damaging, but they are plentiful and can slip past light armor.


TR, BR / 1d6 (1-6)

Ingredients: 1 Metal, 1 Wood, 1 Fauna

Tech Level: 2

Arrows are common among tribals, who use them for hunting, raiding, and defending their lands.


TR, BR / 1d6 (1-6)

Ingredients: 1 Metal, 1 Wood, 1 Fauna

Tech Level: 3

Bolts are common among tribals and poor caravan guards. They are also often used for quiet killing.


Standard / 2d6+20 (22-32) Energy

Micro-fusion cells are used for a variety of purposes, but most often are used to generate the intense power required for plasma weapons. A fully charged MFC contains 10 charges.


Standard / 5d10 (5-50) Energy

Manufactured from a special blend of traditional napalm ingredients and ammonium nitrate, naphate is used in flame weapons like the hand flamer and flamethrower.

Heavy Rivet

HV, AP / 1d10+10 (11-20) / -10 DT

Heavy rivets are only used in heavy riveters. They consist of the rivet itself and an explosive propellant charge.

Lil' Rivet

HV, AP / 1d10+5 (6-15) / -10 DT

Lil' rivets are only used in lil' riveters. They consist of the rivet itself and an explosive propellant charge.


HE, IL, EMP, PC / 1d6+3 * 10 (40-90) Explosion

Rockets come in a variety of forms, but all are fired from a standard rocket launcher. A target directly hit by a rocket is in big trouble, and those standing nearby are often sent flying as well.


Standard / 1d10+10 (11-20) Energy

Normally used to power laser weapons, small energy cells are also occasionally used for mundane electrical purposes like the powering of a minigun. A fully charged SEC contains 20 charges.

Reloading Ammunition and Fuel

Characters in Fallout can't fire bullets forever. When they run out, it's time to reload. The cost for reloading varies by the type of the reloading being done. Clearing means to release/remove the item. The magazines/shells/etc. drop to the ground after being cleared unless the character wants to catch it in his or her other hand (assuming it is not holding something else) as a free action. Loading means that the character places an item full of ammo into the receiver. This is not done with individual rounds, which are packed. Packing means that the character is placing a single round into the item, one at a time.

  • Clear: Move, Can Charge
  • Load: Move, Can Charge
  • Clear & Load: Move, Cannot Charge
  • Pack (2): Move, Can Charge
  • Clear and Pack (2): Move, Cannot Charge