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Radio Signal Sierra Victor
Fo3 Trapped Signal.png
Activator IDFFHamRadio08
ref id084303
Talking Activator IDFFRadioSignal08
ref id03D758
Quest NameFFRadioSignals08
base id03D75A

Signal Sierra Victor is a radio transmission being emitted from Broadcast tower SV near Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop in the Capital Wasteland.

Activating the broadcast

The electrical switch can be found directly beside the tower. Once activated, a Morse code signal will be broadcast in a loop.

Drainage chamber

The drainage chamber is found via the sewer entrance southeast of the broadcast tower. It can be reached by using the downed radio tower as a bridge across the canyon that separates the manhole from the broadcast tower. The manhole is south of the far end of the downed tower.

Before his death, the assumed broadcaster set a number of traps and barricaded himself in the lone room in the manhole. This is quite a dangerous location due to several very nicely placed traps, providing an entertaining challenge for Explosives experts.

  • In the entrance corridor there are two pressure plates connected to rigged shotguns.
  • The path further up is blocked by a barricade made with some arms cabinets and a barrel. Right behind the barrel there is a grenade bouquet trap.
  • The left corridor is rigged with two frag mines just in front of the door.
  • Inside the main room there is a rigged terminal.

After getting past the traps, the safe bunker contains a mini nuke and a copy of Duck and Cover!. As with all the drainage chamber stations, there is a ham radio that lets you toggle the broadcast.

Morse code

The Morse code translation of the broadcast is:

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.. . / ... ...- ... ...- ... ...- -.-

This translates to "Seeking all stations, this is... Sierra Victor... Sierra Victor... Sierra Victor... Over." It is emanating from one of nine encoded broadcasting stations.


  • Inside the drainage chamber that contains the radio source of the Sierra Victor signal is another skeletal corpse, splayed out in a position that suggests that the device he was tinkering with exploded violently, killing or fatally wounding him and destroying the terminal on the desk.
  • Followers may get stuck inside the drainage chamber, behind the barricade made with arms cabinets, if you let them go through. They will try to return through the wall next to the barricade (shortest path).