Signal Oscar Zulu

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Radio Signal Oscar Zulu
Fo3 radio KBX8somethinghellicantreallytell.png
Activator IDFFHamRadio02
ref id0842BC
Talking Activator IDFFRadioSignal02
ref id093BA9
Quest NameFFradioSignals02
base id093BAD

Signal Oscar Zulu is a radio transmission being broadcasted from relay tower KX-B8-11 in the Capital Wasteland.

Activating the broadcast

Relay tower KX-B8-11 is located northeast of the Temple of the Union, and far south of the Republic of Dave. When activated by a switch on a transformer below the tower, it broadcasts a plea for medical assistance for the son of Bob Andersteen. The message repeats.

Drainage chamber

This is one of nine drainage chambers with a ham radio signal.

To the southeast and down a hill, at the base of the cliff to your right, you will see a sewer gate. Within are two small chambers. One is a living area with two adult skeletons (male and female) along with food, surgical tubing, a crutch, and other assorted medical supplies. However, despite the message stating that Bob Andersteen has a young boy with him, there is no third child skeleton to be found. It is presumed that the child either out-lived his parents and left the safety of the sewer, or the game designers simply forgot to add a third corpse. In the opposite chamber, there is a burnt out terminal and the ham radio used to broadcast the distress signal, as well as a pre-War book, a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, and purified water.



If anyone can hear this, this is Bob Andersteen.
My family and I have taken refuge in a drainage chamber not toQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png far from a radio relay tower outside of DC.
My boy is very sick and needs medical assistance, please help us if you can! We are listening for your response on 3,950 kHz.


  • This is one of two amateur radio transmissions that do not include Morse code; the other is signal Yankee Bravo.