Signal Oscar Tango

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Radio Signal Oscar Tango
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Fo3 Signal OT 3.png
Broadcast tower, entry to the drainage chamber in the lower left. Other images depict the shelter and the grisly view in the hidden room.
Jury Street Manhole.jpg
Manhole to drainage chamber at the crosshair.
Activator IDFFHamRadio05
ref id0842FD
Talking Activator IDFFRadioSignal05
ref id02A3F5
Quest NameFFRadioSignals05
base id02A3F8

Signal Oscar Tango is a radio transmission being broadcasted from radio mast Oscar Tango in the southern part of Jury Street township in the Capital Wasteland.

Activating the broadcast

The electrical switch to turn on power can be found on a transformer in the same fenced in area as the broadcast tower itself, to the south of the township. Once activated it will emitt a Morse code signal on a loop.

Drainage chamber

The nearby drainage chamber is accessed through a manhole in the middle of the road, due north of the tower. The chamber includes a Big Book of Science, a pre-War book, two stimpaks, a motorcycle gas tank, a motorcycle handbrake and several other small items, including rare gum drops by the knocked down shelves. As with all the drainage chamber stations, there is a ham radio that lets you toggle the broadcast.

Opposite the radio on the chamber's east wall is an electrical switch which opens the sleeping chamber below. Entering this may cause two raiders to spawn and attack you.

Morse code

The Morse code translation of the broadcast is:

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.. . / --- - --- - --- - -.-

This translates to "Seeking all stations, this is... Oscar Tango... Oscar Tango... Oscar Tango... Over." It is emanating from one of nine encoded broadcasting stations.