Sierra Petrovita's home

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Sierra Petrovita's home
Sierra Petrovita home.jpg
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Girdershade)
Part ofGirdershade
OwnersSierra Petrovita
QuestsThe Nuka-Cola Challenge
Grady's Package
Mississippi Quantum Pie
Cell NameGirderShadeSierraHouse
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Sierra Petrovita's home is a location within Girdershade, and is the current residence for Sierra Petrovita.



Sierra's home is a largely typical sheet metal wasteland shack, with a notable red neon Nuka-Cola sign next to the door, and a large amount of empty soda bottles around the door.


Inside of the shack, consists of a bed, oven, and a varied amount of rare Nuka-Cola items, such as an antique Nuka-Cola refrigerator, an inflatable Nuka-Cola bottle, a pristine Nuka-Cola machine, Nuka-Cola and Quantum advertising banners, a Nuka-Cola bottle lamp, and a Nuka-Cola clock, all of which are unobtainable by the Lone Wanderer. The Nuka-Cola machine is locked and requires a key to open, although the key does not exist in the vanilla game.

Notable loot

There are 65 Nuka-Colas in Sierra Petrovita's house (including on top of the Nuka-Cola machine), 71 if including the five ice cold Nuka-Colas in her fridge, as well as the one she gives out at the end of her tour.


Sierra Petrovita's home appears in Fallout 3 and is mentioned in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Sometimes an enemy will spawn next to you as you enter the home. If not killed quickly, they may kill Sierra, making it impossible to get receive her quest or take her tour.