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Sierra Madre vault
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Part ofSierra Madre Resort & Casino
Connects toExecutive suites
QuestsHeist of the Centuries
Cell NameNVDLC01Vault
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TerminalsVault Maintenance Access Terminal
Hologram Control
Hologram Control
Hologram Control
Vault Security Terminal
Vault Door Terminal
Vault Turret Terminal
Vault Security Terminal
Vault Control Terminal
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The Sierra Madre vault is a location in the Sierra Madre Casino.


The journey through the bowels of the Sierra Madre Casino are treacherous, filled with the Cloud, radio interference and multiple holograms guarding the way. After descending down the elevator in the executive suites, a short hallway leads to the vault area. However, force fields hinder advancing into the large open room. Instead, one is forced down covered hallways. To the south is a terminal next to a door; the terminal unlocks this door. This leads into a narrow utility tunnel. Soon after entering, the tunnel branches; on the right is a small alcove with a control panel and loose gun locker on the floor and to the left is the intended path.

The hallway leads into a medium sized two-storied room with a couple speakers. A stairway leads down and a radio signal begins to beep. The unguarded speaker is on the wall nearby. The stairway leads down to a canopied room with some ammo boxes. A safe zone from the radio broadcast is in the very westernmost corner of the 'room'. This room transitions into another multistory room with stairs leading up and several speakers mounted around the room. On the first floor there is a speaker on the north wall. On the second floor, one is mounted in the southeast corner, another is in the east above a door and a final is mounted opposite a terminal. The terminal is on the second floor's north wall and shuts down all the alarms (and thus the speakers).

Going through the door underneath one of the speakers leads into another utility tunnel. This tunnel exits to an open room occupied with three holograms and a couple of speakers. There is metal housing surrounding the west wall. Inside the housing is a terminal that alters hologram patrol programming. Another metal canopied room in the east corner also alters hologram patrol behavior, but in addition shuts off the speakerss and the security force field inhibiting advancement. There are three hologram projectors in all in this room. One is mounted to a wall in the northeast corner; another is on top of a steel beam above the floor; the last one is in the northwest corner on the metal housing above the terminals. There are two speakers in this room too; a protected speaker is on the east wall and an unprotected one is on the north wall near the door.

A utility tunnel guarded by a force field that must be shut down leads back into the vault area. A terminal inside the hallway accesses security information and can shut off the security measures (most prominently the speakers and force fields.

The vault awaits. Next to the door is a terminal which unlocks it, permitting access. Inside, there are scientific contraptions and a chemistry set on the left. On the right is a security locker filled with weapons armor and ammunition, a Sierra Madre vending machine and a table covered in pre-War money and gold bars. A terminal rests on a desk in the center back of the vault. A hidden screen is behind the Sierra Madre emblem which Elijah uses to communicate.

Notable loot

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  • The Sierra Madre vault is not a Vault-Tec Industries Vault, but simply a reinforced secure storage area.
  • It is possible to lock yourself inside the Sierra Madre's vault. This is done by accessing Sinclair's personal accounts, upon doing so the player will find a message that was meant for Dean Domino to read. This will cause the vault to lock. If this is done, the game will play a scene in which you hear the voice of Vera Keyes explaining the events after the Courier had been trapped in the vault. She explains how the casino had actually created a new hologram to fill out duties in the likeness of the Courier. After the scene you will see your character die in-game and the game will load the last save file.
  • Elijah is not interested in the gold but in the The Cloud itself, to release it in the Mojave and crush the NCR once and for all.
  • It is possible to leave the vault with all the gold if you have 2 ranks of the Implant GRX perk. If you kill Elijah from far away to give you a head-start and you use all doses from your implant you can reach the exit in the nick of time. It may take multiple tries but it is definitely possible.
  • It is also possible to leave the vault with all the gold if you have very high ranks in stealth and/or a stealth boy on hand. Two ways are:
    • Simply "run" to the immediate right once exiting the vault behind the floor generator near the steps Elijah walks down and crouch down with the generator on your left and the railing to your right with Elijah's path passing a foot in front of you. Remain still until Elijah walks past and turns left toward the vault door, when he looks like he is about to access the terminal to the vault "run" (at a extremely slow pace) for the archway. You should have enough time to get through before the force fields go back up trapping Elijah. If you move before Elijah reaches the area near the terminal it will start the alarm early triggering the force fields. Multiple attempts might be required to get the spacing and timing right.
    • Turn on the Stealth Boy once you exit the door and walk straight onto the stairs. Once you reach the first step, crouch and climb the stairs until reaching the door at the right. Once inside, stand up and walk towards the farthest entrance. If timed right, you should be able to enter a few seconds before the force field reactivates, leaving Elijah trapped and walking out with a fortune. Good Luck.

Behind the scenes


The Sierra Madre vault appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

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