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Short Stories
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Quest data
LocationVault 81
Given ByKaty
RewardGrognak the Barbarian
Editor IDV81_04
Base ID001338b9
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Vault 81

Short Stories is a quest in Fallout 4.


Katy is always willing to turn her class over to outsiders so they can learn more about the Commonwealth.


1. Speak to Katy and she will request that the Sole Survivor tell the children a story about the Commonwealth. Wait for the next class to start (around 9AM) if one is not already in session. When the class starts, speak to Katy again and the option to tell a story is available. (If asked, Katy will advise to stay away from overly-violent topics; however, it does not change the quest outcome.)

2. Instantly, one of the children will ask if the player character has ever fought a deathclaw. Either tell the truth about the deathclaw in Concord, say it was fought it off with three shots from a pistol, or redirect the conversation elsewhere.

3. At the end of the story, the children will thank the Sole Survivor, and Katy will give the player character a Grognak the Barbarian comic as a form of gratitude.

Quest stages

100 header1Talk to Katy
200 header2Talk to kids when they are in class
300Quest failedheader3Quest failed - player let Austin die
400Quest failedheader4Quest failed - player killed Katy
1000Quest finishedheader5Quest complete


  • If Hole in the Wall has been started, it is not possible to progress this quest as Katy will stay in her room at all hours and class will not begin at its normal time. Complete the quest first by saving Austin Engill in order to resume this quest.
  • The story recounted to the children is the events of When Freedom Calls. If Short Stories is completed prior to traveling to Concord and saving Preston and the settlers, the Sole Survivor will still recount the events of the quest even though they haven't occurred yet. However, one must have gone to Concord prior, or the class won't begin.
  • Even if Preston Garvey is the active companion during the retelling of the story, he has neither a reaction to the Sole Survivor's account of the events nor does his affinity change.

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