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This page is about the weapon that features in Fallout: New Vegas. For the version that features in Fallout 3, see Shishkebab (Fallout 3).
Shishkebab icon.png
SkillMelee Weapons 75
Strength Req.6
Attack statistics
40 (75.6) + 2 (3.4) for 5s EffectIcon effect.png
92.3 (244.2) + 2 (3.4) EffectIcon effect.png
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
2.3 (3.2)AP28
Item HP500
One-handed melee
Editor ID?
Base ID0000434e
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
(+20 +1 EffectIcon effect.png)
Bloody Mess
(+2 +0.1 EffectIcon effect.png)
Lord Death
(+1.6 +0.1 EffectIcon effect.png)
Thought You Died
(+4 +0.2 EffectIcon effect.png)
Perks (Att.)

The shishkebab is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The shishkebab is a makeshift "flaming sword" built from materials scavenged in the wastes. The blade consists of a lawn mower blade affixed to a shower guard with a motorcycle brake and a pilot light. This contraption is connected via a hose to a motorcycle fuel tank worn on a surplus frame on the back. To prevent burns, the shishkebab is used with oven mitts.

It has a special 'Back Slash' attack, which does 70% damage in V.A.T.S. at the cost of 22 action points (requires a Melee skill of 50).

If a character has the Pyromaniac perk and a poison-coated Shishkebab, it becomes one of the most damaging melee weapons in the game.


  • Gehenna Gun Runners' ArsenalGametitle-FNV GRA.png, a unique variant that has more devastating flames and a faster rate of attack.


Name Dmg/att DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg AP cost Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
Shishkebab 20 + 2 FireIcon fire.png (5s) 93 + 2 FireIcon fire.png 2.3 x2 20 28 3 500 2500 Melee Weapons:75 Strength:6
Gehenna 42 + 5 FireIcon fire.png (5s) 117.6 + 5 FireIcon fire.png 2.8 x2 21 25 3 400 12000 Melee Weapons:75 Strength:6



  • When the Shishkebab is equipped, an oven mitt appears on the right hand of the player and their companions, as protection from the heat.
  • As it is constantly on fire, the Shishkebab will set off gas leaks if the player walks through one with the sword drawn. The same applies if a companion has it equipped.
  • Dead Money introduces a special perk called Elijah's Ramblings which gives the player a bonus 150% critical damage with melee weapons. A character with a Luck of 10, Finesse, Light Touch, and the 1st Recon beret can reach 25% chance to critically hit. The Shishkebab sports a 2x crit. multiplier, turning 25% into 50%. The increased critical chance of Light Touch is not affected by the weapon multiplier. Combined with Elijah's Ramblings it can tear apart most things in the wasteland in seconds.
  • Though all the components exist in-game, it cannot be crafted like in Fallout 3 with the Schematics - Shishkebab. The same applies to all other crafted weapons from Fallout 3 with exception of the bottlecap mine.

Behind the scenes

  • "Shish kebab" is a traditional Turkish dish consisting of meat threaded on a skewer and grilled.