Shenley's Oyster Bar

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Shenley's Oyster Bar
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: [[ ]], local: Shenley's Oyster Bar)
Cell NameShenleysOysterBar01
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Shenley's Oyster Bar is the ruin of a seafood restaurant turned Back Bay raider encampment in 2287.


Two blocks north of Trinity Tower, this oyster bar rests in a small alley. There is an outdoor seating section, while the restaurant inside has some tables and a bar. The door in the back of the restaurant leads into the kitchen, where a staircase in the northern corner leads up to the roof.

The roof that can be reached by climbing the stacked boxes contain a duffel bag and a chem stash. Across the alleyway at the top of the fire escape is a skeleton with a first aid box.


Shenley's Oyster Bar appears only in Fallout 4.