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For the shelter in Fallout 4, see Shelter (Fallout 4).
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Farragut West Metro Station)
Cell NameFFEnclaveCamp34
zPlungerSewer (int.)
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The shelter is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.


The shelter is a small area unmarked on the Pip-Boy world map. It is located south of the Chryslus building, east of Farragut West Metro Station, and west of Friendship Heights. The entrance is a door underneath an intact bridge.

If you start at the entrance to the Chryslus building, head south to the second semi-intact road, which should have concrete dividers in the middle.

Coming from Farragut West Metro Station, head around NNW up the slope to the first road, and follow that road east. If you wind up seeing an intact bridge with two statues of three Valkyrie winged-women, you're on the road to the north and it's safest with followers to backtrack west to get to the next road to the south. There's a blue and yellow truck in the east bound lanes with 3 ammunition boxes.

The door to the shelter is under the north side of the bridge just past the truck. You may see a fire ahead on the road, this is a burning pile of tires at a small fortified super mutant camp (populated by a super mutant master with a minigun, a super mutant brute, and a centaur). Approaching the super mutant camp may trigger an Enclave Vertibird drop off after The Waters of Life Quest, 2 Enclave soldiers and a sentry bot are usually dropped off on top of the bridge.



Inside the shelter is a feral ghoul and what appears to be the remains of a lab. Medical supplies are stuck into the face of a damaged garden gnome to form an effigy of the Statue of Liberty, and just inside the door is a unique arrangement of items in the shape of a tower with a chessboard as a base, a small burned book supported by pencils with a coffee mug, an upside down Nuka-Cola and a tin can balanced above it, touching it topples it. A trail of Plungers go from the floor, up the wall, and onto part of the ceiling, accompanied by bloody hand prints. The skeleton of the would-be wall-crawler lies on the floor under the last plunger on the ceiling. A nearby mannequin brandishes more plungers and even wears one as a hat. There are about 48 plungers in the room, including one on the ceiling, which when shot oddly falls over upwards onto the ceiling (this would appear to be because there is an invisible barrier where that plunger is, and the roof has no collisions. Thus, the plunger falls on the invisible barrier, and just appears to fall on the ceiling because of perspective). There is a man of plungers on the gurney with a metal helmet for a head and a knife in his crotch. The Damaged Garden Gnome on the desk has a stimpak in his arm, is wearing tortiseshell glassesQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png and has at least 6 Med-X stabbed into his eyes. He is also carrying an inhaler of jet. Also known as the "Plunger Room of Death" this is obviously an Easter Egg area like Gold Ribbon Grocers or the Shrine to Abraham Lincoln in the basement of Arlington House. There is no explanation offered for how the stone head was moved into the shelter.


There is a small Talon Company outpost situated to the west around an abandoned truck and usually is comprised of a single Talon Merc and a sentry bot. Combined with the presence of a super mutant camp to the east and an Enclave drop off point on the bridge.

Notable loot


  • The stimpak is being "held" by the oversized garden gnome.
  • The "Statue of Liberty" damaged garden gnome has Med-X sticking out of his eyes and ears.
  • This area is identical to another area in the Taft Tunnels. During the escape through the tunnels in The Waters of Life quest just after passing the eyebot helmet and just before re-entering the sewer tunnels there is a section completely identical to the shelter, though without the plungers or statues. The metal helmet on the hospital bed and the skeleton of the person fallen from the ceiling, as well as all of the props tables desk etc. are common to both locations.
  • There is a large head of a statue accompanied by an American flag near the entrance of the shelter.
  • There is a unique 'IV Stand' which carries one blood pack inside.
  • The first resident probably went insane from a drug overdose. This is suggested because the room is filled with Med-X, stimpaks, and Mentats.
  • It's also possible that the first resident was attacked by the feral ghoul and climbed up the wall to escape, promptly falling off and dying.


Shelter appears only in Fallout 3.