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F76 Sheepsquatch.png
Location(s)Random spawns
Experience20 - 500 exp. points
Unarmed damage
Ranged attack (quill)
80 + 50 AoE
Stomp (AoE)
BehaviorAggression: Very aggressive: Will attack enemies and neutrals on sight.Icon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon optional.png
Assistance: Helps nobody: Will not help anyone.Icon optional.pngIcon optional.png
Confidence: Foolhardy: Will never flee or avoid anyone.Icon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.pngIcon required.png
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Sheepsquatch is a creature in Fallout 76.


Main article: Sheepsquatches

A mythical creature stalking Appalachian hills and mountains, the sheepsquatch was allegedly a bipedal, highly aggressive ram interested in sheep (mileage may vary depending on the cryptid hunter). Whether existing or not, the sheepsquatch myth was an obsession for a cryptid hunter named Calvin Van Lowe, who devoted his life to hunting it down. Eventually, after seeking treatment for his condition, this highly intelligent Appalachian found employment within the black projects division of Bysshe Energy, focusing on the creation of a deniable asset: A custom Assaultron outfitted with weapons, armor, and even fur to resemble the mythical sheepsquatch. Utilizing some of the finest technology available on the market, the sheepsquatch project developed rapidly... Until Van Lowe made the mistake of mispronouncing a command, leading to the custom sheepsquatch software overwriting the Assaultron's regular programming and unleashing the monstrosity on Appalachia, as Bysshe's fixer, Mr Wolf, scrambled to clean up the situation.[1] Unfortunately, the sheepsquatch was a very real thing, even before the Great War, how it came to be is unknown, though a sheepsquatch was responsible for the deaths of two teenagers near Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go before presumably being hunted down by Toxic Larry himself.[2][3]


The sheepsquatch is a high level enemy somewhat similar in combat to the deathclaw: It attacks by closing distance and attacking with its powerful hooves and using its stomp to disorient and stun prey. However, its unique characteristic is the use of ranged attacks: Sheepsquatches can launch quills that deal heavy impact damage and additional area of effect damage. Coupled with their generous health pool and armor - roughly equivalent to full suits of mid-grade power armor - it makes them enemies not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.


▪charging Tesla shotgun


  • A sheepsquatch will always attack the brahmin herd protected during Event: Free Range.

▪random spawn legendary sheepsquatch northeast of monorail elevator by the creator and south of Huntsville follow the tail that leads to nowhere