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Shaw High School
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Map MarkerShaw High School
FactionsSuper mutants
Cell NameShawHighSchoolExt
ShawHighSchool01 (interior)
RelayTowerInt17 (storage room)
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0003c0f1 (interior)
001b9a59 (storage room)
TerminalsShaw High School terminals:
Faculty Terminal
Principal Tanner's Terminal
Student Terminal
Book Return Terminal

Shaw High School is a public high school in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.


This public high school was of modern design, but has since been reduced to a super mutant encampment.[1] Before the War, Principal Ronald Tanner was pressed by Superintendent Marcello to improve the school's test scores to secure more government funding as well as salary raises for faculty and administration. To this end, he hired several known delinquents to hand out Mentats in exchange for longer lunch periods.[2] The plan ultimately succeeded, but one of the delinquents Rusty Burton caught on with Tanner's plan. Burton met with Tanner in the library to blackmail into half of the skimmed profits to keep him quiet.[3][4]


Shaw High School

Directly on the left when entering the school is the administration offices, with Principal Tanner's office locked behind an Expert-lock. Inside the office is a desk and terminal, as well as a Master-locked door containing a stash of Mentats. In the main hallway, there are classrooms in the east and the cafeteria in the west. The cafeteria has a kitchen downstairs, within the corner is a hatch to a storage room, and a hallway leading to stairs to the second floor. The first class room on the first floor contains a chemistry station, and the hallway also terminates at a staircase leading to the second floor.

The southeast end of the second floor leads to more classrooms, one of which contains a student terminal. The western end includes a staircase and a couple rows of lockers. In the back is the library, guarded by a turret. There is a book return machine next to a Novice locked study room, and a room containing an armor workbench in the northwest corner.


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The book return machine is set to dispense Mentats.

Notable loot

  • The "Dr. Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists!" issue of The Unstoppables is in the library, on the desk in the room containing the armor workbench.
  • A dozen Mentats can be found in the closet in Principal Tanner's office. More Mentats can be found scattered around the school as well.
  • Property of R. Burton, in the Novice-locked study room in the library.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quantums are hidden behind the Nuka-Cola machine in the northwest stairwell of the school.
  • Three overdue books are in the library, on the same desk at The Unstoppables.
  • The library key is in Principal Tanner's Novice-locked desk.



Shaw High School appears only in Fallout 4.


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