Shake Down Settlement

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Shake Down Settlement
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Quest data
LocationNuka-Town USA
Selected settlement
Given ByShank
RewardProvides caps, food, and other supplies for raider outposts
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Base IDxx000000
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Shake Down Settlement is a repeatable quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


To provide for raiders, the Sole Survivor needs to show some of his social skills.


  1. Select a settlement to attack with Shank. Settlements that you already control will be put under raider control and all settlers driven off, and will have to be later reclaimed.
  2. Enter the settlement and talk to the marked person, the leader. Convince them to provide for the outpost, either through persuasion or payment, or by other, less subtle methods. Using threats and items such as Smooth Operator or persuasion grenades helps greatly.

Quest stages

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