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Shadowbreeze Apartments
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Part ofThe Forest, Morgantown
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The Shadowbreeze Apartments is an unmarked location in Fallout 76.


Shadowbreeze Apartments is a large red brick and white stone building in downtown Morgantown. Containing two floors of apartments, each with two suites, it was popular with locals and did well, even starting to do "Albright Happy Hours" which included renting out various venues around Morgantown for their tenants to enjoy for the night. Eventually, the rising property values of Morgantown's booming economy forced the manager, Will Albright, increased the cost of rent on the tenants, forcing some to have to move. To attract renters, he started advertising around town and at Vault-Tec University, as well as updating the exterior color of the building to a "soft and inviting blue befitting our most esteemed tenants". In addition, the owner was not able to provide the earlier-promised discounts to military veterans, but stated that they will be rectified.[1]

Additionally, the tenant of the third floor suite, Trevor Moorman, had recently changed housekeepers after some undisclosed events, possibly to due with recent work that he was a part of.[2]


The building is spread-out over three floors. The ground floor has street access and consists entirely of a lobby and a staircase that leads up to the second and third floor of the building.

The staircase opens up to a hallway that has two apartments, one on the right and one on the left. From the front door, the right-hand apartment includes a full kitchen, dining nook, and a hallway that connects to the living room, master bedroom, and bathroom. The living room has a door that opens to the balcony and connected exterior scaffolding. The right-hand apartment, while smaller than the one next-door, is much more efficient with space with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom all within a few feet of each other.

Leading up from the second floor, the staircase opens to a hallway that branches out into two apartments, one on the left and one on the right, as well as the door to what used to be the maintenance storage room, but is now an exterior exterior to the city monorail. The left-hand apartment, left the one below, is more efficient with space and subsequently cost-effective, with the cozy kitchen and dining area, bedroom, and bathroom all within inches of each other. This apartment also includes a private balcony with no street access. The apartment on the right, however, is far more spread-out than all of the others, with a staircase, an expansive kitchen and dining area, a living room with both a fireplace and a door to its own private balcony without street access. The staircase opens to a parlor room, with doors to the laundry room and bedroom. The bedroom has its own bathroom. For those with privacy and security in mind, this apartment features two locked safes - one behind the parlor bar (level 0) and one inside the bedroom (level 2). The laundry room has an exterior door to the rooftop.

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Shadowbreeze Apartments appears only in Fallout 76.


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