Sewer (Vernon Square)

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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Vernon Square East, local: Sewer)
Part ofVernon Square
FactionsSuper mutants
Cell NamezDCWorld06
ref id00095991

The sewer is an unmarked location in Vernon Square.


The sewer[1] was opened due to the crashed Delta IX rocket. The casing of the rocket was broken presumably during the crash leaving the area highly irradiated. The entrance is down the steps through the sewer grate. The interior is being used as a super mutant camp.


The sewer is a small outpost with two super mutants inside. Steel rebar has been dragged in to make makeshift fortifications and much of the rest of the sewers is blocked off by rubble. Nearly every corner of the sewer has a gore bag in it.

Notable loot


The sewer in Vernon Square appears in Fallout 3.