Separated family radio signal

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The separated family radio signal is a localized radio broadcast that can be tuned into throughout a portion of the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


This signal is first discovered when the Sole Survivor activates the relay dishes at relay tower 0MC-810. The source of the signal can then be tracked to West Everett Estates, which further leads into an unmarked storage unit. On the ground nearby, is a hatch leading to a hidden away bunker.



Bonnie, honey, if you're able to hear this message, the boys and I are safe at home in the bunker. I pray you're still okay. I want to be out there for you more than anything, but people here are relying on me. I can't let them down. The boys say hi and they love you. Old Miss Chapel says hi, too. I love you so much. Please, come home.

This has been a pre-recorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.


The separated family radio signal appears only in Fallout 4.