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Sentinel site Prescott
SentinelSitePrescottExterior3 Location FO4.png
Worldmap Loc Img 275.png
Map MarkerSentinel Site
FactionsUnited States Armed Forces (formerly)
Children of Atom
QuestsLiberty Reprimed
Cell NameSentinelSite01
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TerminalsSentinel site Prescott terminals:
Henri's Terminal

Sentinel site Prescott is the remains of a secret military installation in the Glowing Sea of the Commonwealth.


An ominous pyramid surrounded by irradiated sludge, Sentinel site Prescott was officially a nuclear munitions disposal facility.[1] However, in reality it was a missile silo that stockpiled Mark 28 nuclear warheads for the U.S. military, and performed experiments focused on combining them with existing ballistic missiles.[2] With a seemingly inexhaustible stock of these warheads,[3] they performed at least 23 test launches, the final one performed on the eve of the Great War. The launch failed to register with the system, locking the hapless staff inside and dooming them to death of hunger and thirst. Many were turned into feral ghouls, sealed beneath the ground.[4]

By 2281, the site was penetrated, first by Children of the Atom seeking to protect the holy stockpile of Mark 28s from blasphemers and apostates, then by the Brotherhood of Steel, seeking to replenish Liberty Prime's supply of nuclear weapons.[5]


The entrance of the pyramid structure opens to some catwalks on the other side of a security door. Down the stairs to the east is an multi-tiered control office, with another door leading down another catwalk to a launch booth room on the south side of the facility. A staircase leads down to the lower tier (which contains a chemistry station) and leads into a hallway that takes one lower to a control room containing a terminal that can abort the launch in progress and allows the blast doors throughout the facility to open. The room also contains an elevator that leads back upstairs and doorway that leads out to the launch pad.

The launch pad has a lower area that leads east into a tunnel system infested with feral ghouls. The tunnel terminates at a collapsed section, forcing one into an adjacent hallway across from some barracks before proceeding down the tunnel again. The tunnel splits off after a short distance into a small storage room containing a few ghouls. The rest of the tunnel continues down further to a cargo bay; there is a cargo elevator that leads up to a secondary entrance is off to the side, but straight ahead is a control room containing Brother Henri and Atom's Wrath if Liberty Reprimed is active. The terminal in this room requires Henri's password to open and is able to open the locked red door in the loading dock, which is an expansive room filled with nuclear warheads; the room contains moderate to severe radiation, peaking at 28 rads per second near the back of the room.


Notable loot

Behind the scenes

Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Missile Site Radar building and hardened exhaust/intake structures

  • Visually, the Sentinel site is inspired by Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Missile Site Radar, the only completed installation that formed the basis of the Safeguard Program. In practice, the function is entirely different: The Sentinel bunker in Fallout 4 is a missile launching site, rather than a radar building. The hardened air intakes and exhaust stacks also conceal entrances into the underground, rather than perform their function.


Sentinel site Prescott appears only in Fallout 4.


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    (Danse's dialogue) Note: The former comment is made in front of the main entrance, the latter is made at the gantry just inside the facility.
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