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For an overview of plasma rifle models in various games, see Plasma rifle.

Semele was an unfinished (though reportedly failed) plasma rifle project, developed by Poseidon Energy. The technology and design specification used in Semele, specifically the Heisenberg compensation field when dealing with matter conversion, was later used to develop RobCo Industries' own model of the plasma rifle, which proved to be successful enough for deployment in the Enclave Armed Forces.[1][2] The first functional prototype from this project was the Q-35 matter modulator (out of 34 previous attempts). While the Q-35 was the proof of concept the Semele needed, the Q-35 was unfit for actual combat use due to the durability of the material it was constructed of. By 2281, the Q-35 is still being held at REPCONN Headquarters in stasis.[3]



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    Arcade Gannon: "Plasma rifles. They were intended to replace the P94 plasma caster. There was some corporate espionage going on between Poseidon Energy's Project SEMELE and whatever was going on here."
    The Courier: "What was Project SEMELE?"
    Arcade Gannon: "Another one of Poseidon Energy's many secret weapons projects. Before the Great War. It didn't go anywhere. That's how REPCONN got their shot. So to speak."
    (Arcade Gannon's dialogue)
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