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Seed package
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QuestsField Research
Base IDxx012d38 (Dionaea Muscipula)
xx012d3a (across pipe)
xx012d3b (botanical garden)
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Seeds packages are world objects in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Seed packages are large plastic bags containing at least 3 (two of the bags have 4) dried fruit packages. The bag on the second level of the X-22 botanical garden has dried broc flower, dried jalapeño pepper, dried pinto bean pod, and dried xander root. The bag near the fountain northeast of the Signal Hills transmitter has dried barrel cactus fruit, dried Nevada agave fruit, and dried prickly pear fruit. The bag past the booby trapped pipe contains dried banana yucca fruit, dried honey mesquite pod, dried maize, and dried white horsenettle.

These seed packages are used by the GS-2000 biological research station to clone plants and replant them into one of the nearby plant beds. The station can then convert the harvested material into salient green. All plants will be grown in the Sink three in-game days after giving the seeds to the biological research station.


  • The dried seeds are in three separate packs. They can be collected in any order.

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