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For an overview of combat armor variants throughout the Fallout series, see combat armor.
Security uniform
Fo3 Tenpenny Security Uniform.pngSecurity Uniform.png
Icon combat armor.png
Tenpenny (top) and Rivet City (bottom) security uniforms
Security uniform
DR24Item HP100
Weight20Value330 (Rivet City)
180 (Tenpenny)
EffectsSmall Guns +5
Combat armor and variants
base id000239cc (Rivet City)
00034119 (Tenpenny)
Security helmet
DR4Item HP25
Weight3 (Rivet City)
1 (Tenpenny)
Combat helmet and variants
base id000239cb (Rivet City)
0005b6eb (Tenpenny)

The security uniform and matching security helmet are pieces of armor in Fallout 3. It comes in two versions with different appearances but identical stats.


Main article: Combat armor

Modelled after the human silhouette and designed to provide balanced protection that does not limit mobility on the battlefield, combat armors are a diverse family of personal body armor of varying degrees of sophistication, from the earliest iterations of the armor developed by the United States Army[1] to the cutting-edge riot gears that came into use prior to the Great War.[2]

The first modern type of combat armor developed by the United States Army[1] to the cutting-edge riot gears that came into use prior to the Great War.[3] consisted of individual armored plates manufactured from synthetic fibers[4] attached to standard load-carrying equipment of the infantryman. The individual components included a combat helmet issued with matching goggles in hazardous environs, front and back ballistic plates, and a pair of axillary protectors. Additional forearm protectors were issued to frontline troops.[5] The lower body was protected by a pair of thigh plates, worn together with a groin and kidney protector. The shins, knees, and feet were covered by frontal plates worn over standard combat boots.[6]

The armor was typically worn in conjunction with standard Army fatigues[7] or specialized uniforms designed for it, with various solid color camouflage patterns (including Arctic white, coyote brown, and olive drab). Rank indicators were typically painted on the axillary protectors,[8] with the Army insignia and identification numbers printed on the back plate.[9][6]


The Rivet City security uniform and the matching Rivet City security helmet are the standard protection for members of Rivet City security. Whereas the Tenpenny security uniform is worn by the guards of Tenpenny Tower, the Tenpenny security helmet can be found in the game files but is not actually used in the game.

The two security uniforms have the lowest damage resistance out of all combat armor variants, offering slightly less protection than even the Talon combat armor. Nonetheless, they provide better protection than most clothing worn in the wasteland, including merc outfits and raider armors, and convey a small bonus (+5) to small guns.

Rivet City security uniform

The black-colored Rivet City security uniform and helmet are worn by the Rivet City security guards at Rivet City. Visually, the uniform appears to be scratched and worn. It also seems to have a very faint camouflage pattern if looked at closely enough (more visible on the female version of the armor). The helmet comprises a black combat helmet and a Plexiglas face shield identical in appearance to the Vault 101 security helmet (See Vault 101 security armor) with 2 main differences, it has a higher damage resistance and can be equipped with eyewear like sunglasses but won't be visible when worn by a character with the exception of biker goggles and the ghoul mask.

Tenpenny security uniform

The khaki-colored Tenpenny security uniform is given to all of the security guards at Tenpenny Tower.





  • Rivet City security guards wear them. The uniforms can be obtained by planting items (better armor in this case) or looting the guards after they are killed.
  • Dusty of Big Town, who wears one of the helmets, is the only character to wear a part of a Rivet City uniform without living in Rivet City.


  • When male characters equip the Rivet City security helmet, some of the player facial texture, mainly the eyebrows will change much like when you add facial hair for the first time to a clean cut player . This will change back when you remove the helmet.
  • When worn by a female character, the Tenpenny security uniform has the green sleeves from standard combat armor. Bethesda used the standard combat armor mesh with an alternate texture, however the 3D index for Arms02 was mistakenly set to 4 instead of 2 causing the texture error.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The above bug isn't an issue for the Fallout:3 GOTY addition. A female character wears the Tenpenny security armor without the texture clash. The color is exactly as seen in game.



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